At Genelife Clinical Research, we recognize that patient recruitment and retention are the lifeblood of any successful clinical trial. We understand that the journey from drug development to market approval is fraught with challenges, and ensuring the timely enrollment and continued participation of patients is paramount to overcoming these hurdles.

Research Patient recruitment and retention

Genelife Clinical Research has developed a methodology for patient recruitment:

  1. A Patient-Centric Approach: Our commitment to patient-centricity goes beyond mere words—it’s at the core of our clinical trial philosophy. We firmly believe that the patient experience profoundly influences the outcome of a trial. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive strategy that places patients at the forefront of our endeavors.

  • Informed and Empowered Patients: Informed consent is not just a legal requirement; it’s a moral imperative. We prioritize the informed consent process, ensuring that every patient fully comprehends the details of their participation, their rights, and any potential risks involved. Our goal is to empower patients to make informed decisions about their involvement in clinical trials.

  • Building Strong Relationships: Genelife Clinical Research actively cultivates relationships with research organizations, academic institutions, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals. Our interactions are guided by a commitment to ethical research practices, which allows us to access a broad patient pool across various therapeutic indications.

  • Focus Groups and Community Engagement: Our journey begins with an in-depth understanding of the eligible study population. We identify focus groups and communities through comprehensive data resources. By engaging with critical disease communities worldwide, including collaborations with general practitioners, organizations, and independent disease surveys, Genelife Clinical Research establishes itself as a potential partner with a vast subject pool.

  • Clear Exit Procedures: Patients are informed about the procedures for leaving the study and the potential implications of doing so. We maintain transparency about how their participation impacts the study’s outcomes.

Genelife Clinical Research methodology for patient retention:

  • Transparent Communication: We believe that transparent communication is the cornerstone of successful patient retention. We ensure that patients have a clear understanding of the study, its milestones, and their vital role in the process.

  • Accessible Support: Patients should always feel supported. We provide clear contact points for patients to address any questions or concerns they may have. Our teams are readily available to assist patients at any time, ensuring their peace of mind throughout the study.

  • Safety First: Patient safety is not negotiable—it’s our top priority. We have implemented robust safety monitoring systems designed to swiftly detect and address any adverse events. Our vigilant approach to safety ensures that patients are protected at every stage of the trial.

  • Recognition and Appreciation: We value our patients as critical contributors to research. Expressing our appreciation and acknowledging their role in advancing medical knowledge fosters a sense of belonging and motivation.

  • Continuous Interaction: Patient interaction doesn’t end with enrollment. We maintain consistent track of communication with patients and site. We conduct regular follow-ups to ensure their needs are met and to address any emerging concerns

At Genelife Clinical Research, we view quality as a journey, not a destination. We are dedicated to ongoing improvement in all aspects of our clinical trials, including patient recruitment and retention. We regularly conduct quality audits, seek feedback from patients and site staff, and evaluate our performance to identify areas for enhancement.

At Genelife Clinical Research, we view patient recruitment and retention as a holistic process that requires empathy, transparency, and dedication. Our approach is rooted in forging meaningful relationships with patients and healthcare professionals to ensure the success of clinical trials and, ultimately, the advancement of healthcare for all.