Genelife Clinical Research provides services for the management of clinical research and BA/BE that includes project management, creation of procedures, selection and management of clinical sites, clinical and medical tracking, data management, biostatistics, medical writing, regulatory consulting / support, audits, SEC presentations and meetings, pharmacovigilance studies, pre-clinical studies. Besides, legislative, project management, site management and monitoring services related to BA / BE studies are also offered. E-Documentation Control System, Electronic Data capture (EDC), Project Management Software and Central Randomization Software have been developed by Genelife Clinical Research, making them technologically efficient and transparent. . With technology and a rigorous procedure, Genelife can provide its customers with the best quality through the excellence of their work.

Genelife have experience in areas of drug discovery and development so that they can be a one-point solution for all drug discovery and development activities. Their talented medical staff and project management team can successfully handle any drug research, pre-clinical and BA/BE projects, and this has always been the institution’s distinguishing feature.