Genelife Clinical Research’s Data Management Department dedicates itself to assuring the integrity of the data generated and its meaningful interpretation. This is accomplished with rigorous Quality Control. Genelife Clinical Research follows firm techniques and review procedures to maintain the integrity of the clinical trial data. Data management team speeds the clinical trial process and ensures that data collection, validation and quality control of data are accurate and consistent. Our understanding of nCRF and eCRF enables us to provide the optimum solution for each project.Genelife Clinical Research CRO
Excellent planning and organization allow us to meet aggressive timelines in all phases of clinical development with accuracy levels consistently above 99.9%. Both internal and external audits of our databases verify these near zero error rates – so you can be assured that your data is being managed properly. Our Clinical Data Management capabilities Include:

  • Case report form (CRF) design, production and tracking
  • Custom database generation
  • CRF review
  • Data entry with quality control
  • Automatic edit checking and query tracking
  • Data cleaning
  • Electronic data transfers from 3rd parties
  • Non-CRF data entry
  • Superior quality control and assurance
  • Rapid database closure