Genelife Clinical Research approach is to maintaining high ethical standards in its business conduct and maintain benefit for all clinical trials participants. Directors, managers, employees and contractors are all expected to conduct themselves with integrity.  All aspects of the Genelife Clinical Research operations is lawful and safe and conducted in an ethical, honest and fair manner.

Mission and vision statement

Vision statement: To be the most respected partner in providing product development and unmet clinical research requirements.

Mission statement: To be the preferred partner to our Sponsors in providing complete solution to product development with unique hallmarks of Quality and Innovation in the process of integrating and streamlining the development.

Values: We value honesty, morality and transparency. We will be unbiased and up-front with our clients and associates.

Business goals & objectives: Genelife Clinical Research aspires to become the world’s leading knowledge-driven service provider for our all Clinical Trials Participants.